The Flash: When is Cisco returning during season 6?

Danny Trejo storyAt the moment on The Flash season 6, it’s probably clear that something — or someone — is missing. Carlos Valdes’ character of Cisco Ramon has been MIA from the series for a little while and through that, it’s only inevitable to be asking questions about his future — i.e. when he’s going to be coming back.

The bad news is that you’re not going to see much of him during tonight’s “Grodd Friended Me.” He’s been off on a fact-finding mission getting a sense of the new Earth-Prime, and this hasn’t been some sort of story designed to kill the character off or anything. One of the things that we’ve seen with The Flash over time is that it tends to put some of its series regulars on ice for a few episodes a season. Maybe it’s an issue that comes with having a big cast, or maybe it’s a cost thing. Either way, Cisco’s been MIA as of late.

Yet, rest assured that you won’t be waiting too much longer to see him back. The CW has already confirmed that Valdes will be present in a larger way for the next new episode (read more about it here), and we’d certainly hope that this isn’t just him checking in before taking off again.

There are a lot of things that we’ve come to learn about The Flash over time, and one of the biggest ones is simply this: It’s a much better show with Cisco as a part of it. He brings a great deal of humor to the proceedings, and we’ve also seen a level of humanity to him that is hugely significant. He’s just enough out there to present new horizons, while also relatable enough to ground the overall story. We don’t want to ever imagine this show without him on a long-term basis.

Hopefully, later this week we’ll get a larger sense of the arc beyond just Cisco returning to STAR Labs…

Are you looking forward to seeing Cisco back on The Flash again soon?

Do you miss him when he’s not making his presence known? Be sure to share in the comments, and also stick around for some more news. (Photo: The CW.)

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