‘The X Factor’ USA: Jennel Garcia, CeCe Frey, Lyric Da Queen campaign

Lyric 145Following the excellent top 12 performance show on “The X Factor” USA Wednesday night, now is the time that matters most for some of the contestants: the campaign to stay alive for a few more weeks. With that in mind, we’s assembled a group of reactions to help you know just what some of these singers are thinking and feeling, whether it be the standout acts of the night (Lyric 145), or the ones who struggled when it came to criticism from the judges (Jason Brock, CeCe Frey).

All of these comments are coming in via Twitter, so read on, enjoy, and be sure to share some of your thoughts on your favorite by voting in the poll over here.

Jennel Garcia – “I wish I could express to you how much your support means. I hope all my hard work pays off and yall vote! Thank you all so much.”

CeCe Frey – “Your votes would mean the world to me….”

Paige Thomas – “1st contestant ever 2 fly on a show! Usually U have 2 wait yrs 2 do that but @brianfriedman allowed me to this early in my career! Much love”

Drew Chadwick (Emblem3) – “So much love to all of the Emblem3rs who voted tonight! And mega shoutouts to those who did more than once! You dont know what it means! LOVE”

Lyric Da Queen (Lyric 145) – “THANK U TO EVERYONE THAT VOTED FOR LYRIC 145 WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!”

AllyBrooke Hernandez (Fifth Harmony) – “OH MY GOSH WE FEEL SO AMAZING!!!!!! We totally put so much into that performance!”

Vino Alan – “Srry to @simoncowell 4 not paying his words the respect deserved, wuz distractd by screams #geniusSirSimon #vino

Tate Stevens – “Wow! Guys you are awesome, regardless of what happens,I did my best tonight. Thanks for the love and support,you are the real stars…”

Jason Brock – “Thank you so much for your support. And to the haters: I hope you change your mind about me. :)”

Beatrice Miller – “The queen of personality herself said that I have the best one in the xfactor. My life is complete. @britneyspears

Diamond White – “omg… tonight was cray! i loved being on stage again! hopefully i can do it again next week!”

Arin Ray – “Ahh what a rush tonight was crazy good! I had a ball opening up the show. Thanks to all who voted for me! #TeamArinRay

In case you are wondering, Carly Rose Sonenclar did not have much to say save for a few lines about ordering her song, so she’s not included on our reaction article for the week.

If you want to read our full review for Wednesday night’s “X Factor” USA performance show, be sure to visit the story that is up over at the link here.

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