Supergirl season 5: EP on Kara, Lena moment in 100th episode

Lena LuthorWe knew that the 100th episode of Supergirl was going to be stuffed full of all sorts of crazy moments. How could you be surprised by that? There were a number of them that were comedic in nature. Yet, at the same time there were also plenty that were a little more sad.

Take, for example, Kara coming to terms in the end that she can’t be responsible for Lena Luthor’s actions. She know that she hurt her, and she had some major regrets of it. In the end, though, she made it clear to Lena at the end that if she continued to go down the path that she was with Lex, she would eventually have to treat her like any other person she squares off against. This could set the stage for an insane showdown later on this season — yet, at the same time we think that maybe this causes Lena to realize that she should be doing some things differently. Maybe this will be a shock to her system.

So why decide to deliver that moment tonight? The writers obviously recognized that this was important, and here is how executive producer Jessica Queller described it to Entertainment Weekly:

There [was] a lot of discussion in the room over months about the rift in the friendship, and who was in the right and who is in the wrong, because there are a lot of shades of gray. But we’ve spent many, many episodes of Kara sort of saying, “Mea culpa, I should have done things differently,” and we really wanted to release Kara from that place of guilt and burden, and just having her with a clean conscience say, “Look, I apologize for lying to you and hurting you, but I’ve made the apology and now you need to do what you will with it. And from now on, your actions are your actions, and my actions are my actions. I’m going to stop beating myself up over it.”

There were a ton of callbacks and cameos that were within this episode — unfortunately, in the end, there were two that couldn’t work out. Producers wanted to get former series regulars Calista Flockhart and Mehcad Brooks back, but they couldn’t work things out when it comes to the scheduling.

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