The Orville season 3: The latest behind-the-scenes progress report

OrvilleThe oh-so-unfortunate news at the moment is rather clear — we’re still far out from The Orville season 3 premiering. While filming for the show’s first season on Hulu has been underway for a while, remember that there is a lengthy post-production period required to make these episodes great. Not only that, but there is also more to film and also Hulu’s own interests to think about.

Do we think that the Seth MacFarlane show will be worth the long hiatus? Absolutely! It always has been so far, but that doesn’t mean that the break is any less unbearable.

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For the sake of today’s update, there’s one primary thing that we’re noting — the main title arrangement for season 3 is being recorded! While the main theme for the show is likely to be similar to past seasons, there will probably be a few different wrinkles and twists brought into the mix thing time. That’s a function of the series trying to distinguish one season from the next, which makes some sense given that each one has their own unique stories to tell and could come with slightly different changes among the cast and crew.

Are there more changes than what we know right now? That feeels likely, mostly because this show has a tendency to be secretive more so than almost any other on television.

One of the things that is so exciting for us entering season 3 is that it feels like there are almost unlimited directions that this story could go. For example, there are a multitude of possible threats, new relationships to be explored, and there are also questions as to whether or not there are any remnants from that Kelly Grayson alternate-universe storyline that we saw at the end of last season. It felt on the surface to be relatively open-and-shut, but one of the things that we’ve certainly learned over time is that things things tend to be a little bit more complicated than you would first assume.

Expect some more legitimate video footage of The Orville season 3 later this summer. We have a feeling that the show will make its presence felt over at San Diego Comic-Con. How in the world could it not? (Photo: Hulu)

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