Better Call Saul season 5 episode 1 sneak peek: Jimmy’s big idea

Better Call Saul season 5Coming up on Sunday night, Better Call Saul season 5 episode 1 is finally going to air! This is a cause for great excitement … though probably not for Kim Wexler. She wanted to see Jimmy get back into the legal mix as Jimmy McGill, the man she came to know and care for over the years. Yet, what we’re seeing Jimmy do instead is opt for his Saul Goodman persona. That’s who he wants to be now!

So why do this? In his mind, this isn’t him getting back at his late brother Chuck or flipping off his previous persona. Instead, he sells it in the sneak peek below as more of a business decision. He indicates to Kim that because he’s been selling phones and other stuff as Saul to a clientele already, it makes sense for him to just hold onto the name. He figures that a lot of his current clients are going to find themselves in a squad car eventually, and these are people who don’t know Jimmy McGill. Yet, they know Saul Goodman and he can take advantage of that to make some built-in cash without any problems.

Jimmy can be a persuasive guy, and when he puts it this way, his argument totally makes some sense. He doesn’t want to feel as though he’s wasted the last year of his life and this is a way to ensure that he didn’t. He will be able to take a big leap forward rather than a small jump with his license back.

Most surprisingly, he’s able to get Kim on board with his line of thinking. While we don’t necessarily think that she is super-thrilled with the idea, he’s enthusiastic and she wants to support him. Little does she know precisely the direction this is going to go. (Could she be concerned? Sure, but we don’t think she could possibly fathom the Breaking Bad sort of direction Saul’s story goes.)

What do you most want to see on Better Call Saul season 5 episode 1?

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