‘Glee’ music preview: Darren Criss channels Olivia Newton-John

One of the enjoyable things about “Glee’s” music is that they often hand their songs to unexpected singers; and for a prime example of this, just look at the fact that it is not Rachel Berry who is singing “Hopelessly Devoted to You” during Thursday night’s season 4 episode “The Role You Were Born To Play.”

Granted, it’s possible that Ryan Murphy needed to go somewhere else with the song based solely on the fact that Rachel has already graduated, and this episode is really geared more towards McKinley than what is going on with Lea Michele in New York. Even with this being said, Darren Criss’ Blaine still feels like a perfectly person to this song. We’re not sure quite what it is, but the lyrics and the key of this song bring something new to his voice that hasn’t quite been there already. Perhaps it is the earnestness that is here, especially when you remember everything that happened between him and Kurt last week.

If you are hoping for some more “Klaine” interaction during this episode, though, you are almost sure to be disappointed. As far as we know, the only real connection that the two are going to have here is that Blaine is going to try and send some text messages to Kurt, but is not going to be receive much in the way of a response. We do have to ask this question, though: if Blaine is meaning to sing this song to Kurt, how can he be “hopelessly devoted” to someone while also fooling around with some guy named Eli C. on Facebook?

What do you think about this performance by Blaine?

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