‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ spoilers: Evan Peters says…

Evan Peters“American Horror Story: Asylum” has contained plenty of insanity, but surprisingly, one of the sanest people inside the hospital has been the one accused of doing the craziest thing imaginable: murdering countless women wearing a mask made out of flesh. We will be finding out the true identity of Blood Face soon, but some of the evidence coming out now seems to suggest that Kit may actually be innocent of the charges that are fired at him.

So what does Evan Peters have to say about the character’s experience in Briarcliff thus far? It’s a difficult one, since even if he is innocent, he is still someone who is going to likely stay locked up there since Sister Jude cannot risk him blowing the lid off of the establishment to the world. Speaking to TVLine, Peters claims that Kit is really going to have to seek some sort of solace in something other than just hopes of escaping this place:

“He’s kind of losing his mind a bit — everybody’s telling him he’s crazy and he’s starting to believe it, which is pretty sad — so he reaches out to Grace and she’s there for him. It’s a cool moment that I can’t wait to see on screen.”

Wednesday night’s episode is also going to be featuring the debut of a character in Anne Frank (Franke Potente), who is going to come on board claiming to be the woman of the same name. Is she really? That is a mystery, and it is one Ryan Murphy is promising to be one of the most exciting of the entire show thus far.

Do you think we will ever see Kit released from this place, or is he doomed just like everyone else inside? If you want to see the newest “American Horror Story: Asylum” video, be sure to click here.

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