Grey’s Anatomy season 16 hints at Alex’s absence (but not exit)

AlexWhile we know that Justin Chambers’ departure on Grey’s Anatomy season 16 has already been confirmed, there are still questions that remain. Take, for example, how the writers are going to take Alex Karev out of the series.

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While there are still no definite answers to this question, tonight on the ABC show we saw them at least offer an explanation for what’s going on with the character. Jo was frustration that he was not returning her calls, which led to questions as to whether or not he was punishing her. (The last that we saw, Alex was visiting his mother and that was pretty much it.)

Meanwhile, through much of the Pac-North doctor interviewing process, it was noted that Alex was “on personal leave” after taking charge of the hospital.

Do we think that the show is going to have to address this situation in greater depth moving forward? Yes, but clearly they are not in a place where they are concentrating too much on rushing this right now. It really feels as though Chambers’ exit is not something that was planned, but rather something that happened at the last-minute that the writers are trying to adjust to on the fly. It’s been done in television many different times before, and we know that it’s never altogether easy. We’re sure that it will be addressed further by the end of the season, largely because there’s a proper tribute for Alex that does need to happen. This is an original cast member; he can’t just disappear into nothingness.

Update: Karev’s exit was hinted at tonight with Jo coming home to a home without him there. That still, unfortunately, isn’t a lot … but maybe it’s a sign we’re getting into something soon.

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How do you think Grey’s Anatomy season 16 will write off Alex?

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