Ink Master season 13 episode 6: Neon tattoos send another artist out

Ink Master season 12 episode 6

Tonight on Ink Master season 13 episode 6, we were presented with an elimination challenge that was all about neon. That means bringing some really bright colors to the table — you wanted to be able to make viewers’ eyes pop out when you are seeing the final products.

Oh, and there are also some teams who were in some serious danger. Take, for example, some of the troubles in Team South. There were only two members in Jordi and Jason, and both of them struggled to produce great art. Granted, you could say the same thing about a lot of the artists tonight overall. Following this past episode, you would’ve liked to have seen some steady momentum.

There was at least one person who was a shining light tonight in Angel Rose — her tattoo was the neon light surrounded by a lot of chaos elsewhere. She and the East teamed up to form the jury of peers, with the goal being fairly simple: Taking out someone from the Midwest. They’ve had some really strong artists this season! They’ve done a really good job, and one of our biggest fears was that we were going to be losing Jerrel this time around — he’s a great artist! Unfortunately, he was just someone who had a bad day. Sometimes, that does people in on this show.

Tonight, this meant the end of the road for Jordan. The judges were keen to pick her baseball bat apart, feeling as though many of its shining moments fell short compared to what it was missing when it comes to technical application. Was it really the worst of the night? That’s where we find ourselves a bit at odds. It was actually a more legible tattoo than Jordi’s since we still don’t have that much of an idea as to what that was. Yet, this is another reminder that we’re not a judge … they tend to view application and technique as the most important things.

The biggest lesson we learned tonight was simply this: Within the world of Ink Master, anything can change depending on the day, the canvas, and of course the type of tattoo being done.

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