NCIS season 17 episode 15 review: Who is Sloane’s secret admirer?

NCIs season 15 finaleNCIS season 17 episode 15 had a murder investigation, sure, but there was also a very-fun storyline behind the scenes for Jack Sloane. She was receiving gifts at the office, and it wasn’t entirely clear as to who was responsible for sending them.

The first assumption that everyone made in the office was that some of the gifts came courtesy of Gibbs — mostly because everyone’s long assumed that he and Sloane were a “thing.” Yet, it was hard to buy into this fully, mostly because Valentine’s Day isn’t really Gibbs’ thing. He confirmed it as such to Sloane, making it clear that he didn’t even know it was Valentine’s Day. He couldn’t be responsible for the gifts. (Yet, didn’t the way he responded to Sloane indicate that there are some feelings there — or more of a romantic connection than we’ve even seen onscreen?)

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As the episode went along, the question marks around the secret admirer kept swirling — it was hard to come up with an answer given a lack of significant candidates! It’s not like there is another Sloane love interest out there at the moment … at least that we know if.

One thing that was nice within this episode is getting to hear Gibbs talk to Phil about how he wasn’t sure that he could have a full relationship anymore. We do think that there’s a big part of him that wants it, but he’s got insecurities like anyone else. He just doesn’t share them all of the time.

So who was the secret admirer?

At the end of the episode, it was revealed that this was all a case of mistaken identity and that all of the gifts were meant to be a “Sloane Jackston.” That was someone who worked within HR. We thought that this was the end of the story and yet, it turned out that Sloane also was the recipient of some Valentine’s Day stuff as well! She received a card in the end from her daughter Faith, which means that she will be getting a little bit closer to her family presumably.

CarterMatt Verdict

While there was no huge Gibbs/Sloane reveal tonight, at the same time there were all sorts of fun moments for the two. Also, the case revolving around Phil brought us a lot of humor and friendship for Gibbs. It’s clear Phil does care about him and wants him to be happy. Too bad Gibbs threw the phone that Phil got him.

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