This Is Us season 4 episode 13 sneak peek: Kate and Marc’s past

This Is Us season 2This Is Us season 4 episode 13 is going to be the story of struggle, one of a damaging first love for Kate Pearson. To go along with that, it’s going to revolve around some of the struggles that are there in her present.

We know that there are a lot of people out there wondering why Kate would want to be with someone like Marc, and the truth is that this is a tough question to fully answer. Marc will exhibit some qualities here and there that make him seem appealing and almost as though he cares. Yet, those will be followed up immediately by others that make him look like one of the worst human beings imaginable. You get a full picture of that in the sneak peek below.

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At the start of it, Marc will appear almost as though he’s a good boyfriend by doing something nice for Kate and telling her that he is in love with her. Because she is so young and she’s gone through so much, she’s going to be rather inclined to listen to him. Whether or not he means it or he’s just being manipulative, Kate’s going to take it as the former. Judging from the way he acts after the fact, it’s hard to imagine he means it. Marc immediately starts to become controlling to Kate, questioning her about her diet and then also acting super-weird when she starts to be a little bit more helpful for a customer at the record store than she is. You also get the sense that he’s subtly working to drive a wedge between her and the rest of the family.

If only there was someone who was around to see the warning sides with Marc faster, maybe Kate could have been spared some heartbreak. The problem is that because of everyone’s grief following losing Jack, they’re all preoccupied on some level. Rebecca’s trying to take on a new job, Randall is dealing with school, and Kevin is newly married. All of these things make the picture a little more cloudy.

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