Power series finale: Who shot Ghost? The moment, the aftermath

PowerTonight, the Power series finale finally unveiled the question that so many have been wondering: Who shot Ghost? We don’t think that the answer to that question is going to be altogether shocking to some.

Instead, we imagine that there are some other surprises that people may be talking about — take, for example, all of the spin-offs that were revealed! We know that there are spin-offs announced all the way through Power Book V. That’s a LOT to deal with.

Now, let’s get back to the central question here: Tariq shot Ghost, and he did it for a multitude of reasons. For starters, he didn’t seem as though there was another way out. He was going to go to jail if his father got his way, and he felt as though Tasha was going to go to jail for killing LaKeisha. Both of them, in one way or another, were doomed to suffer if Ghost continued along his path. One of them was going to go to jail, and Ghost ended up exacerbating the situation with the way in which that he treated Tariq.

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Was there another way out for Tariq and Tasha than killing Ghost? That is, of course, one of the things that we’re left to wonder.

Through the finale, we saw Tasha do what she could in order to plan out a situation where she could kill Ghost, one that involved her son trying to set things up for her before leaving the scene. Yet, things fell apart soon after that. For starters, there was the idea that Dre was arriving to kill Ghost and Tommy was going to stop him. Tariq had to make sure that there was a diversion necessary for his “Uncle.” What set Tariq off fully is when he got a vision from Kanan telling him to do what had to be done. This caused the confrontation and, soon after that, we saw the shooting happen.

There was a lot to the shooting scene that didn’t air on the midseason finale, including Tariq and Ghost talking before Tariq pulled the trigger, and also Tasha storming in right when the shooting happened. Also, Tommy saw Tariq leave the scene of the crime, but Ghost told Tommy to let it go.

The inheritance

Powerful stuff here, starting with the fact that Tasha did not inherit anything from James after his death. Instead, Tariq and Yaz get the lion’s share of the trust … but only after he graduates with a great GPA. That was a problem, but then there was the issue of law enforcement. Tariq was able to get one over on Saxe, using his presence close to Ghost in order to ensure that Dre could be blamed for the murder.

Blanca wanted to look into what happened with Dre, but there was a problem — a big problem. Dre was dead, and 2-Bit wasn’t altogether willing to help.

Tariq’s future now is clear — because of a deal made with Simon Stern and Tasha, Tariq gets to start college and leave Callister behind. Meanwhile, Tasha had a job offer. She wanted to keep it, and with Dre dead, she found someone else to blame: Q. He was arrested. The problem was that Q planned ahead and got himself an alibi. That meant that eventually, Tasha was arrested. Tariq got to continue forward in school, but he didn’t get anything he wanted. There weren’t all too many winners in this world.

Was this a powerful finale? Sure, but was it worth the hype and the mystery? Well, that’s a worthy subject of debate. This was an ending that made sense, one with beautiful performances and some smart callbacks to prior seasons. The one thing that was missing was a chance for free, open exploration. Because all of the hype was about some grand mystery, the finale missed the opportunity to present what was there in front of it the whole time. It was never about a whodunnit; it was more about how we got here.

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