Hawaii Five-0 season 10 episode 15 video: Steve, Danny dig into Adam

Hawaii Five-0Tonight marks Hawaii Five-0 season 10 episode 15 on CBS, and what we’ve got in this article is some evidence that Steve McGarrett is very perceptive. He’s capable of looking at someone, assessing their behavior, and recognizing when something is up. He’s even capable of doing it when it involves one of his own friends in Adam.

In the sneak peek below, you can see what seems at first to be a rather innocent meet-up between Grover and Ian Anthony Dale’s character, one where the latter tries to explain his reasoning behind going to Japan for a while. He claims that he just needed some time to reconnect with family, which leads to Grover making it clear to him that he didn’t need to leave the island in order to have that. Adam’s explanation is reasonable enough, and maybe it’d work with someone who doesn’t have the police experience that the Task Force does — or at least McGarrett. He doesn’t buy into the idea that Adam just strolls back into down and wants his old job back after departing previously. Also, there never has been any resolution to the watch at the crime scene.

The second part of the video gives you a good sense of how far Steve is willing to dig into Adam — with Danny’s help, he’s digging through his place and seeing if there is any tangible evidence of what is going on. Danny’s not a big fan of his methods, and it feels like he’d rather just have a conversation with the guy. Yet, if that happened and Adam detected something in the line of questioning (which seems likely), that could present some other problems. Steve’s strategy right now is to keep Adam close, since that may be the best way in order to detect if there is anything going on with him.

There’s a bonus sneak peek below that gives you a sense of some other stuff that is happening in this episode — Tani is guest-lecturing over at the police academy, and that’s where you see her alongside Grover’s niece. Unfortunately, within this episode something happens to the niece that leads to Adam being the only person capable of saving her. Yet, doing that could be walking a very thin line insofar as allegiances go.

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