‘The X Factor’ USA: Jennel Garcia, Arin Ray, Lyirc 145, and more premiere party photos

Jennel GarciaOn Monday night, the top 12 contestants on “The X Factor” USA along with many of the judges, hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez, and even many Fox executives got together in Beverly Hills in order to celebrate this stage of the competition with a grand premiere party.

Since there are no performances here to review, let’s instead talk about something that is almost as fun: the fashion! This does to an extent dictate how someone is a star, since you have to shine both on the red carpet and in front of an audience.

The group formerly known as “LYLAS” and “1432” – We still don’t really know what the theme is here, and the group is not the easiest to connect to just yet.

Arin Ray  – Why do you need a scarf in Los Angeles? The rest of this outfit is great, but that’s a little much.

Beatrice Miller – In this fun and colorful ensemble, we actually find out more about Beatrice than we have on the show this season.

Carly Rose Sonenclair – This blue dress screams “age appropriate,” and it is really perfect for her fanbase.

CeCe Frey – We’ve been a fan of CeCe, but this outfit and the air all seems to be a little much … namely in that she did not need to go this extreme.

Emblem3 – It’s a perfect photo for the group, and exactly what you would expect.

Jason Brock – That flower is literally the size of his head. It’s so distracting that it is hard to really focus on anything else.

Jennel Garcia – Thankfully, she and Demi Lovato wore different hairstyles, and she was the best-dressed member of her team. It was stylish, but at the same time it suited her personality perfectly.

Lyric 145 – The sunglasses are back! Let’s just hope that our dreadlocked friend has on those freaky eye contacts underneath.

Paige Thomas – This dress is just a no. Too asymmetrical, and not crazy to be something worth talking about from a novelty standpoint.

Vino Alan and Tate Stevens – We may as well include them together, since they each look like they are wearing the same thing they had on during the show last week.

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Photo: Frank Micelotta / Fox

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