‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Where does Rick go from here?

Now that “The Walking Dead” season 3 has aired its game-changing episode where the deaths of multiple characters was front and center, there is now one question that we have to ask: where does Rick go now? (Warning: the following contains spoilers from this past episode.)

Speaking in a new interview with E! News, Sarah Wayne Callies, who is no longer on the show now following the stunning death of Lori, explained through the context of the comic books just what could be coming up for Andrew Lincoln’s character:

“In the book, Rick goes nuts because she dies. I think the way he goes nuts is pretty cool, and I think we want to see that at some point … Will Rick accept the child? Will this child have a chance? I think this is something that [Lori] settled into her own mind. I think she believes that Rick is a man who will not turn his back on a baby.”

Now, we just have to hope that Lori’s belief turns out to be true. In the first preview for Sunday night’s upcoming episode, we saw the likes of Hershel and many of the other survivors actually looking to take care of the child even more so than Rick, who is going to be on a somewhat-violent tear while looking to cope with what just transpired. Not only does he have the past with Lori that is obviously there, but as the de facto leader of this group of survivors, he feels a certain responsibility whenever someone dies that he did not protect them properly. We have to believe that this will continue to weigh on his mind in the episodes ahead, or at least until he has someone new to focus on in the Governor.

Where do you think Rick is going to go from here?

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