Doctor Who season 12 episode 6: ‘Praxeus,’ a plastic disease, & birds

Doctor Who season 12 episode 6At the core of Doctor Who season 12 episode 6 on BBC One tonight, there were a number of strange phenomena spread out across the episode. Think in terms of birds showing an unusual behavioral pattern or a body turning into some sort of rock-like substance before disintegrating altogether. There was a crazy series of events here and, in the end, we were left wondering many things.

The biggest one? What was going on here? The Companions were divided as they tried to get answers, but more questions were sprouting all over the world.

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We expected this episode to be one of the stranger ones of the season and yet, we’re not entirely sure that we saw this coming. “Praxeus,” the title of the episode, just so happened to also be the name of an alien virus that was spreading, one that managed to take root within plastic that was found in birds. They were able to transfer the disease all over the world, and the challenge for The Doctor was trying to find the source. What she learned was that at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, there was a source surrounded by plastic.

Do we think that this episode will be a favorite of viewers online? Probably not. We know that a lot of people out there don’t love episodes that are a little more message-based, and the parallels between this one and “Orphan 55” are clear. Both were heavy on the environmental message, and both also had characters who were attached to some of what was going on. This time around, it was married coupled Jake and Adam. Also, it just so happens that there was another twist, as someone from another planet ended up traveling to another world in order to find the cure. It was a risk to destroy one culture in order to save their own.

Basically, “Praxeus” was the story of a plastic experiment gone awry. It was about trying to save the human race with a fictional problem, while also showcasing a problem that is actually around us in plastic. One of the unfortunate things is that this episode is coming out around the time of the coronavirus spreading — not really the best timing in the world.

There were powerful moments (especially with Jake willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of Adam — luckily, they both survived), but we do think Doctor Who season 12 still needs to do more with its Companions.

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