Super Bowl commercials: MC Hammer, Cheetos lead to big discovery

MC HammerThere are a number of memorable ads this Super Bowl Sunday, and over the course of the big game, consider CarterMatt your source for some of the best! We’re going to be presenting you with ways to watch/re-watch the ads, plus also our verdict on whether or not some of them are effective at their intended goal. Sure, they want to be funny and buzzworthy, but shouldn’t they also sell the product?

Within this particular article, we’re breaking down the brand-new advertisement from none other than Cheetos — they’ve long had some fun ads, and this one features an entertainment icon in MC Hammer alongside the snack in a nostalgic, old-school way.

The pitch – As the teaser for the commercial below (the full one is not available at present) gives away, Cheetos may have led to MC Hammer figuring out the title for “Can’t Touch This.” As it turns out, it all began with some Cheeto fingers! He was a total mess after eating a ton of the snacks and he didn’t want to touch the piano.

What Works – First and foremost, relatability. We’ve all been where MC Hammer is in this ad after eating a lot of Cheetos, and the old-school bag does also bring back a lot of pleasant memories. That’s the Cheeto bag we grew up with before the big redesign that’s been there for years since! The ad is simple, but it does get the point across very well.

What Doesn’t – Is it really a good thing to brag about how messy your product is? That’s something that we’re still reasonably unsure about, but it’s worked as a marketing strategy for Cheetos before.

Overall Verdict – This is a really fun premise for what we think is going to be one of the better ads in the big game. MC Hammer is a perfectly nostalgic name for most Super Bowl viewers, and this is the perfect example of how to integrate star power, humor, and also a brand to perfect effect. Maybe it won’t be remembered years down the road, but this going to achieve precisely what Cheetos as a brand wanted entering the evening.

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