Is Wilmer Valderrama leaving NCIS; did Torres die in hit-and-run?

Wilmer ValderramaIs Wilmer Valderrama leaving NCIS in season 17 episode 14 — and did Nick Torres die? Within this article, we’ll do our best to break down anything and everything from tonight’s “On Fire.” We’ll be updating this article live throughout the episode, so we suggest that you keep checking back as the story goes along.

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The first thing that we should note here is how the episode begins — with Nick Torres being struck while out on a run with Bishop. It seems like a hit-and-run, and it’s enough that the character is brought into intensive care. His life is on the line and, ultimately, the folks over at CBS want you to think going in that something could happen to him. Hey, they have killed off characters before (see Caitlin Todd, or temporarily Ziva David) and they could certainly do something similar again.

We don’t want to lose Wilmer, and for many reasons — he’s a great injection of energy on the show, and he’s also one of its best ambassadors. He often posts behind-the-scenes photos and teases on social media whenever he can and he cares a lot about fans. We’ll see what the story holds…

As the show went to its first commercial break tonight, the fate of Torres was very much in doubt as he was crashing out in the hospital room. He was able to recover from that, though, and the doctors were able to extract a piece of carbon-fiber from him. The next order of business revolved around seeing if Bishop, McGee, and Gibbs could get an answer as to what exactly happened. Things got strange when a suspect openly admitted to everything with the hit-and-run.

The good news is that Torres did survive the surgery — yet, the team still had to figure out another mystery. Who shot the guy who previously took the fall for the crime in Xavier? There was suspicion aplenty that Bishop was responsible, given that she said she wanted to kill the guy over what happened to Torres. Gibbs was confident she didn’t do it, but the optics were still bad.

The good news is that Torres survived, the person responsible was arrested and, in the end, him and Bishop had a moment. They clutched hands and while that may not mean they’re getting together, we’re moving in that direction. That very much is clear. It was written all over Bishop’s face for most of the episode.

Also, the darkest part of the episode was this: Learning that Gibbs may have killed Xavier to keep Bishop from doing it.

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