‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: How to cope with tragedy

Everyone deals with loss their own way; and for some of the characters on “The Walking Dead” season 3, they may be responding to a very specific sort of sadness with both anger and a little bit of insanity. Then again, how crazy do you have to be to survive in a world this this?

Following the shocking deaths of (spoiler alert!) Lori and T-Dog during Sunday night’s episode, next week will focus largely on the aftermath; and based on what we are seeing, no one is going to have a particularly long time to mourn. The walkers are all over Rick and his band of survivors in the prison, and they will have to establish a new plan to keep themselves safe. In addition to that, they also have to care for Lori’s baby, who survived the birth and needs some sort of nourishment in order for her to stay alive a little while longer.

Meanwhile, back in Woodbury Andrea and Michonne are going to continue to be at odds when it comes to their escape plan; while Danai Gurira’s character clearly wants nothing else to do with either the town or The Governor’s creepy ways, Andrea seems to be convinced for whatever reason that she is going to be safe if she stays here. (If only you knew what we do, Andrea….) No matter how it happens, are going to see the showdown of the ages eventually between The Governor and Rick, and considering how much the two have lost in their lives and how rigid they are as a result, there is no moment worth looking forward to more.

How do you think that the show should move forward following T-Dog and Lori’s death: with more non-stop action, or with time for us to see some of the characters mourn a little?

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