Shameless season 12: Could it ever happen down the road?

ShamelessThere is a good chance you’ve heard the news already that Shameless season 11 is set to be the final one at Showtime. Yet, does it have to be the end of the road for the series altogether?

Well, let’s just say that we do have some thoughts about that. For the record, we feel like season 11 will likely be the end overall. Yet, there is a huge international following for the series, and show executive producer John Wells did have the following to say on the series’ future to Entertainment Weekly:

Well, I haven’t changed my opinion, I’d write it forever. I love this show. But Showtime really felt that it was their time to end doing the show. And we respect that; they’ve been such great partners to take us through 11 years of making the show. It took almost seven years to get the show made in the first place, so I never thought I would make it this long. But I haven’t changed my opinion, I could do it forever. They were just ready to be done. With the cast, we never had a conversation with Bill [Macy] or anyone else about whether they wanted to stay longer because Showtime let us know that they were ready to close up shop. Like I said, I’m so appreciative of all the support they’ve given us all these years that it would be very ungrateful of me to not just thank them. But, if anybody else wants to make it, let’s make it. I’ll make it. There’s just so much to write about and I love these characters.

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If there was going to be a season 12, one order of business would be learning about another interested party. The next order of business after the fact is learning a little bit more about the cast’s own interest in doing more. Shameless hails from Warner Bros. TV, and in theory, a good place for it would be the HBO Max streaming service given the ties to various parent companies. Yet, episodes are currently streaming on Netflix, and would Showtime love it if this show went somewhere with HBO in the name?

So yea, you can tell how complicated it would be to get the show somewhere else. We don’t see it happening, but it’s definitely a fun thing to think about.

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