Ink Master season 13 episode 4 sneak peek: A string flash challenge

Ink Master season 12 episode 6Ink Master season 13 episode 4 is set to arrive on Paramount Network this Tuesday, and we’re back with another Flash Challenge! After seeing the artists in the studio full-time on this past episode, everyone is back out in the field taking on a challenging new task.

So, what is said challenge? Having to make a perfect portrait designed entirely based on string. This is not an easy challenge to do, but you could say the same exact thing about almost every single challenge on this show of this nature. Tattoo artists are used to be in a shop, where they artistically do their best to complete a design. Everything about this is different, from the team structure to having to compete with other artists.

To make matters all the more challenging, some of the teams are starting to become rather small. When you only have a couple of other artists to work with, that creates a problematic situation. If someone is off, then the entire operation falls apart. It may not even matter if everyone is on! You’re still going to face a wide array of obstacles, mostly because some of the other characters have so much more in the way of manpower.

The one bummer thing about most of these designs is that we don’t actually have a chance in order to see the end result of every team. You do get a good look at the UFO as seen in the thumbnail below, and it’s rather awesome! Let’s just hope that there are some opportunities to see the other teams up their game. They’re going to need to do that if they want to have any chance of avoiding a skull-pick problem down the line. That still is fundamental to finding a way to stick around in this competition!

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