The Flash season 6 photo: See a sly new post-Crisis Easter egg

The FlashThe Flash season 6 will not be returning to The CW until we get around to February, but you don’t have to wait in order to get a little tease at the new Earth-Prime universe in action.

At first glance, the photo from the show’s first episode back in “Marathon” may not feel like too much. After all, it shows Cisco Ramon sitting around STAR Labs, wearing a button-up shirt and a graphic tee — the same sort of thing that he has worn many times over on this show. Yet, you then look a little closer and recognize that the classic House of El coat of arms. It’s a nod towards Superman/Supergirl, and also a nod towards them being a part of this shared universe now in a way that they weren’t back on Earth-38.

If you really wanted to get crazy about it, maybe you can argue that Cisco could’ve just made the shirt himself. Yet, we think it’s more of an explicit reference to the idea that Superman/Supergirl are more known creations now, and this represents The Flash having a little bit of fun. There are likely going to be some other visual and script reminders of this post-Crisis on Infinite Worlds timeline throughout season 6, with one of the biggest story points being the relationship between Barry and Iris. Remember that leading up the big crossover happening, one of the largest overall sentiments was that Iris had to prepare for life without her husband. Now, that’s not the case, but it could take some serious adjustments and some navigating of what are some tricky, emotional waters in order to find their place again.

Of course, there is then also the reality of more significant threats rising into view — while we’re not sure that we’ll see anything on the level of the Anti-Monitor anytime soon, we have a feeling that there are still going to be some formidable foes coming. Our feeling is to focus more on emotional enemies for a while as opposed to trying to just up the ante on danger.

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What do you think of Cisco’s shirt, and what it represents on The Flash and beyond?

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