The Ranch series finale: Was there a heartwarming ending?

The RanchBefore we say anything when it comes to The Ranch series finale, we should go ahead and make it clear — there are spoilers within. Big spoilers.

Now that we’ve said that, let’s go ahead and dive into what was an emotional farewell to a show that, more often than not, is known comedy. You see, Beau spent most of the season having to prepare for a future without his ranch, and that put a strain on everyone — Colt especially.

Yet, he was desperate to do what he could in order to help his father, and that’s where we got with the Christmas-themed conclusion. It was the season of giving, and there was something rather sweet about the specific gift that Colt gave — Beau’s house keys. It seemed random at first to his father, but in the end, it did make sense. Colt was able to get Lisa to drop the lawsuit once she recognized that Colt was not responsible for the incident. Colt sold off his herd and, through that, he was able to retain Iron River Ranch for his father. Beau doesn’t have to leave, and he’s got more of an established future for himself.

As for Colt and Abby, they’re going to have a separate place for themselves — but it won’t be Iron River Ranch. This one moment from Colt to Beau is what the past few years have largely been about. Think about the version of Colt we saw at the beginning and think about the one we saw now. Think about the differences when it comes to the relationship he has with his father.

The happy ending here is realistic, but also worthy of a smile. We are going to see Colt and Abby plan out a future for each other, and one that also doesn’t involve having to live with some of his immediate family. It’s about finding a home and fighting for it — of course, we never expected lyrics to Chumbwamba to be thrown in there.

With those final moments in mind, we now have to prepare to see The Ranch trot off now into the sunset.

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