‘True Blood’: Alexander Skarsgard has fun with ’50 Shades of Grey’ rumors

True BloodIt’s hard to really understand just what it is about TV vampires that has captured the imagination of “50 Shades of Grey” fans across the country, but it has somehow managed to happen. (Maybe it’s the bizarre connection between romance and violence in both.) First, there were the rumors about Ian Somerhalder of “The Vampire Diaries” playing Christian Grey in the upcoming feature film, and this has been followed, seemingly for the sheer heck of it, by Alexander Skarsgard of “True Blood” fame.

We do have to give both actors credit for really having a good sense of humor about the whole ordeal at this point. They could be getting tired of the questions, after all, but are deciding instead to largely respond with some funny quips. Take, for example, the latest comment by Skarsgard to The Daily Chili when asked if he would be comfortable playing the role:

“Absolutely. That wouldn’t be an issue … I have a sex chamber in my basement — my character on ‘True Blood’ — so I’ve had training.”

At this point, the actual chances of Skarsgard or any TV actor landing the Christian Grey role seem to be really beyond the point, as it seems to be more about the fun that comes with speculating and using your imagination. The producers of the movie know that these rumors are generating free publicity, so why hurry to make a decision until that time?

Thanks largely to commitments to their respective shows, Skarsgard and Somerhalder both are ultimately rather unlikely to actually nab the role, though we will probably hear more about this in the coming months. After all, this fun little charade has been going from the moment the movie was first announced. Why would it stop now?

Do you like the way that these two actors in particular are handling the gossip? If you want more actual news on the upcoming “True Blood” season 6, be sure to click here.

Photo: HBO

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