Chicago PD season 7 episode 12: Is Darius Walker dead?

Chicago Pd season 5 teaserFor most of Chicago PD season 7, we’ve known that Darius Walker was a focal point in the story. He was a significant part of the local community, a man who engaged in helping others but then also criminal behavior.

Yet, over time Walker also became something else for Hank Voight: A source of information. Someone he could utilize in order to achieve some police business. He was a good source, or at least he was until it got the point where Voight was forced to name him. We saw a case regarding dead police officers tonight, one that put Darius in a vulnerable position and also where Upton disregarded direct orders in favor of digging and getting justice. She was ready to do whatever it took to get some answers, but in the process of this, Darius found himself accused as a rat, outed in an official capacity, and officially dead.

That’s it — Darius is no more, and his death has come about so much earlier than we ever imagined that it would coming into tonight’s episode. His death is one that could hang over Hailey, mostly because she now faces an important decision — does she turn off an element of her humanity, or opt instead to find some sort of middle ground? Is it okay to still empathize and have things that keep her up late at night? This is where Halstead could help her, given that he does care about his cases and can’t just operate as a vigilante the way someone like Voight does.

The big takeaway that we have following this episode is quite simple — nothing is really over just yet. The death of Darius is going to create some significant ripples throughout the community, and maybe cause some more people to be turned against the Chicago PD. It’s also going to give Hailey a lot to think about in terms of what sort of police officer she wants to be moving forward. This is not a decision that she’ll be able to make right away.

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