Power season 6 episode 13: Is Ghost really dead, & is Tommy alive?

Power season 4 episode 9Tonight on Power season 6 episode 13, the Starz series did its part to answer a number of big questions related to Tommy Egan. We needed to understand whether or not he was responsible for shooting Ghost — and also whether or not the character is still alive.

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Let’s start off with this — Tommy did not shoot Ghost. Meanwhile, he also didn’t shoot Tasha, even though he learned earlier on in the episode that she was the one responsible for LaKeisha’s death. The history between them matters. History was what mattered to this episode more so than just about anything else. It’s that history between Ghost and Tommy that informs a lot of Tommy’s decisions.

After hearing about a lot of the different things that he was wrong about in relation to Ghost, Tommy decided that he needed to save him from Dre as opposed to the other way around. Yet, he got there too late, maybe due to a spat with Vincent that led to him stalling. Ghost is now gone (for sure), and Tommy has to face whatever lies next. That may mean him taking off to California, where he could start a new life and get in with some different people.

Yet, can Tommy really start again? Is there anything left for him there? It’s a curious question, and maybe it’s something that could be established in a spin-off at some point down the road. One of the things to remember here, however compelling Tommy may be, is that he’s a character who hasn’t exactly done a lot to deserve joy. He’s a murderer, and let’s not forget that he also kidnapped Elisa Marie tonight. He let her go sure, but he also kidnapped her.

In the end, we’ll have to see just what the future for Tommy is … and where it takes him. He’s still out there in the end.

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