‘Gossip Girl’ series finale spoilers: A look at the title

Leighton MeesterThe “Gossip Girl” series finale now has an official air date in Monday, December 17, and we now know one additional detail confirming something that has floated around seductively on the internet for some time now: the title for this last episode of the show (per TVLine) is “New York, I love You XOXOX.”

For anyone who has never watched an episode of this show in their lives, this title is probably going to come across as completely ridiculous. After all, isn’t “XOXOX” a little dated now? Possibly, but this has been the language of the series for six years now. It’s a little over the top, a little in love with the tabloids, and a little bit riskier than most other shows on network television.

Sadly, the one unfortunate thing about this title for diehard “Gossip Girl” fans is that it really does not provide much in the way of insight at all pertaining to how this series is actually going to come to a close. All this title provides is a tribute to a city that has really served as an additional character on the show, and is thus one of the best series to utilize New York City since Carrie Bradshaw did so on “Sex and the City.” (Ironically, the two-hour finale event will include a preview for “The Carrie Diaries,” which The CW is set to launch at some point early next year featuring Bradshaw’s early days before the HBO series.) All we hope is that the show manages to end in a way that satisfies fans of every character.

What do you think about the title for the “Gossip Girl” series finale? If you want to see some more scoop from Monday night’s new episode focusing on Serena’s new relationship with Steven, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: The CW

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