Ink Master interview: Emac on elimination, team dynamics, & more

EmacOn this past Tuesday’s episode of Ink Master Emac became the second artist to be eliminated, and losing people this early is always tough. These are all hyper-ambitious people who know they’ve got a lot of stuff they want to show off, but they’re taken out before they get a chance to do that. We can tell from our interview with him that he was eager to tackle a number of other art styles, and he also did not think that he had the worst tattoo overall. (He was sent home after a challenging involve a Compass Rose, one that forced each artist to work with a canvas on a unique interpretation.)

Check out our thoughts with Emac below on this season, the dynamics of the teams, and a few other subjects. Meanwhile, remember that new episodes air Tuesday nights on the Paramount Network.

CarterMatt – What made you want to take part in Ink Master?

Emac – It was something different! I never take chances and I wanted to make a change from the normal and grab life for myself.

Do you think that the team dynamic helped you or hurt you?

I believe it helped out and it hurt at the same time. It helped because it allowed me to learn from my teammates, but sometimes you can’t get all the advice you want because they have themselves to worry about.

When you were doing your elimination tattoo, how were you feeling about your tattoo?

I felt like I went through so much to make it great; I felt pretty good about it!

In the end, did you expect to stay over the others in the bottom?

Yes, I believed I was safe but some issues are more pressing then others and decisions are made from similar experience and not the actual work.

What was different about working on the show versus what you do in real life?

It’s a lot of cameras! and no music! It’s a lot of pressure when you don’t know what to expect.

Are there some art styles you wish you had a chance to show off?

Yes, watercolor, trappoka, anime. Anything with color!

What’s the best way to contact you for a tattoo appointment?

Instagram is the number one way @emactattoos_

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