The Flash season 6 episode 10 trailer: Questions after the Crisis

The FlashThe CW this week unveiled the first The Flash season 6 episode 10 trailer, and it should feel clear at this point that we’re dealing with a whole new era. The threats of that event are over and, because of that, there are questions aplenty as to what remains. How does Barry Allen push forward? What does his survival mean for the core relationships in his life?

One thing that definitely does feel different his his relationship with Iris, which seems to be hitting some rocky patches now that the threat of death is over. Iris had spent a lot of time preparing for his death and the end, and she’s a different person because of that. Barry has to adjust for what the aftereffects were of what transpired over the course of the crossover — this is not the sort of stuff that dissipates quickly. It sticks around and it permeates almost everything you do. That’s without even thinking about some of the possible changes to the timeline or key events of the past.

Think about things this way — we know that with the world being effectively rebuilt, there are some elements to the story that are not the same. That could mean all sorts of crazy stuff now — does Killer Frost operate the same way, or does Cisco still have his vibe powers? Is Dante still out there now? What happens to some of the villains Barry has faced off against? There are a lot of strange mysteries that need to be looked at. We don’t think that The Flash will be eager to rewrite the past couple of seasons, but there could be little changes here and there.

Oh, and there are absolutely still threats in Central City, but for now most of them are of the super-mysterious variety. While it was clear in the fall that Bloodwork was the Big Bad, the writers are taking their time here. There’s probably an interest now in refocusing the show in the immediate future on the key characters and relationships before amping up some of the stakes again. After all, it’s going to be super-hard to topple something that is threatening the entire multiverse!

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