Supernatural season 15 episode 9: Jensen Ackles’ standout moment

Supernatural season 13 premiere photoTonight, Supernatural season 15 episode 10 brought you all sorts of big stuff — think in terms of Chuck, future prophecies, and then also purgatory. Should we also mention feels aplenty? This was one of the most emotional episodes in a while, anchored by what was quite possibly the greatest Jensen Ackles moment on the show we’ve seen in years.

The moment we’re speaking about here is Dean’s plea towards Castiel, one where he is torn-up emotionally, apologetic, and regretful. It was still, quiet, and it relied solely on Jensen’s performance to get the words out. Dean’s not often one to show frailty and when he does, it stands out. It sticks with you and you want to re-watch the moment time and time again. We already know that for us, we’re going to be thinking about what we saw here for a while — it’s a reminder of how much Dean cares for him, and how much they have gone through.

Dean’s pain made Castiel’s arrival all the more satisfying — it’s definitely to us one of the best Jensen moments in recent memory and it anchored the trauma within that purgatory plot perfectly.

Of course, there was a lot of other stuff that unfolded in this episode, as well. Sam found himself saying goodbye to Eileen after everything that transpired, and it was sad. It’s another person Sam has to say goodbye two, and another heartbreaking moment for us, as well. In the aftermath of Chuck’s antics Dean refuses to let God win, even if he claims that he’s done so many things with so many other versions of Sam and Dean. (Of course, we always think about the Arrowverse when we hear “Earth-2” thrown out there.

So where do we go from here? How can the Winchesters really free themselves and control their future fate? That is what they still have to figure out. Chuck’s gone for now, but he’s going to return and it’s all about finding a new way to defeat him. They can’t kill him, and nor can they trap him.

In the closing seconds, we got a chance to see a possible “other way” to dfeat Chuck, or at least impact the story. Jack! He’s back!

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