‘Supernatural’ season 8, episode 6 preview: No one will ever be Bobby

We’ve seen some pretty cool moments on “Supernatural” season 8 thus far, but very few have been tear-jerkers on the same level as the new clip below from Wednesday night’s new episode “Blood Brother.” In it, Dean learns a valuable lesson courtesy of Garth: he is never going to be Bobby, so any further comparisons between the two when it comes to abilities are completely unfair.

This episode marks the first appearance by DJ Qualls on the show since last season, and it comes during a perfect time. We know already that there is some tension in the Winchester household courtesy of not only what happened to Dean in purgatory, but that his dear ol’ brother Sam eventually gave up looking for him and attempted to dive into a normal life … something that we are not quite sure that these characters are ever going to really have.

Some of this episode will focus largely on Sam’s backstory with a new lady named Amelia, but there will also be a plot investigating a ghost who is out to avenge seemingly its own murder. Who are you going to call? Sam and Dean, though it is also a thrill to see Garth again, as well.

Burning question alert! Are we ever going to see Bobby on this show again? This really is a noble debate, since we did see Jim Beaver make an appearance promoting the show at Comic-Con in San Diego this summer. Why else would he have been there, right? While we may all have our own rabid speculation about it (most of it hopeful), executive producer Jeremy Carver is staying mum on the subject for the time being. With more than 50 episodes to his name, Beaver is one of the most-frequently-used “Supernatural” players save for Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki … and anyone can come back on this show regardless of the circumstances surrounding their character’s exit.

For more video footage on this upcoming “Supernatural” season 8 episode, be sure to click here.

Photo: The CW

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