Supergirl season 5 episode 10 trailer: Is Lex Luthor … good?

SupergirlThe first promo for Supergirl season 5 episode 10 has been officially unearthed, and it represents a very different era for the show.

Take, for starters, the simple fact that Supergirl now exists on the same world as many of the other heroes. There’s a greater potential for crossovers, and there’s also a chance to play around with what that means now. One interesting side effect is simply seeing a new version of Lex Luthor, one who claims to not be anywhere close to the Lex we saw back on Kara’s original home. On the surface, he appears to be good! He doesn’t feel like he should be judged based on the actions of another, and this is where things could get precarious — especially for Lena.

For most of the past few weeks, one of the big teases that has been out there is that we’re getting set to witness a battle for Lena’s soul. Now, we’re getting more and more of an idea of what that looks like. If Lex is pulling her in one direction and Kara another, where does she end up? It may not even feel like two different directions, based on the fact that he isn’t acting anywhere near the same.

Yet, Kara still knows better. She recognizes that this version of the character is a ticking time bomb that could go off at any point. It’s a risk to keep around, and yet Kara is also being told that working with Lex is one of the only ways forward. While we’re not sure how much of Jon Cryer we’re going to have a chance to see, no doubt we’ll take however much of him we can. He’s shown himself to be one of the best versions of Lex out there, commanding but also capable of the moral ambiguity we see here and there from him.

This episode on Sunday will serve as the perfect foundation for what’s next — many mysteries may remain, but we’re expecting this already to be both crazy and all sorts of dramatic.

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