Hawaii Five-0 season 10 episode 13: What will Adam decide?

Hawaii Five-0We know that the Adam storyline on Hawaii Five-0 season 10 was going to be intense. Yet, we didn’t see this coming.

Last week on the crossover we saw Ian Anthony Dale’s character go on a bit of a trip, and it led this week to him doing what he can on the road to becoming a Yakuza boss. It’s not the sort of gig that we would want for him, but no doubt does this create a lot of drama!

Basically, Adam was forced at the end of the episode to make a choice with enormous consequences. What are the options? Either he retains his position and power, while going undercover as a Five-0 double agent, or he doesn’t do that and his quest to get what he wants falls apart entirely. It’s just a hard decision for him to make since turning on Five-0 is one of the last things he wants to do. He does care about these people and doesn’t want to hurt them. How things could work here is that he could report on Five-0 activities to his higher-ups, ensuring that the Yakuza is almost always one step ahead. They’re watchful, they’re shrewd, and they can use Adam and his own history against him.

What this means is that, in the end, Adam could find himself within the ultimate standoff of loyalty, and we’re not sure that there is any coming back from where he is. He’s already made so many decisions this season that are far beyond what we would’ve expected from him entering season 10, and these are not things that Steve McGarrett or anyone else will forget about after the fact.

Also, secrets have a tendency of being found out. It’s one thing to hide information about yourself. It’s another thing entirely to do it while also working alongside people whose strengths include solving mysteries.

The full picture

In the end, we’ll see how all of this plays out, but after tonight’s episode it feels abundantly clear that this is not something we’re going to be walking away from anytime soon. This is a story with significant (and painful) staying power. It’s exciting … but also worrisome. If only Adam could just be back with Grover, playing some gold and having a good time. That was a fun story within the episode tonight!

Side note: Isn’t Ian Anthony Dale killing it this season?

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