Last Man Standing season 8 episode 3 sneak peek: MIke Baxter vs. Bridge

Last Man StandingLast Man Standing season 8 episode 3 will arrive on Fox in just a matter of hours, and it’s going to be about more than just fun and games. Bonnie’s going to be back on the show, and somehow, a game of Bridge allows for some conversations about getting older and finding a larger sense of adventure.

In the sneak peek below (via TVLine), you can get a larger sense of some of what we’re talking about here. Mike and Vanessa are currently engaged in a game of bridge with Ed and Bonnie, one that carries with it a number of complicated different rules. Mike’s not having any of those rules and would rather play something a little more tradition. Think along the lines of Blackjack or even Go Fish.

Yet, is there going to be a larger lesson here? We have a hard time thinking that most of the story tonight will revolve around Mike being disinterested in anything his mother-in-law is doing. We hear a lot from Bonnie about how she and Ed are trying out some interesting stuff with their relationship, and Mike wants to dismiss it as stuff that old people do. We wouldn’t be shocked, however, if by the end of the episode, Mikes comes around and starts to realize that there’s some value in what the two of them are doing. They’re actually working to have a better, stronger life together, and that is something that on some level, people should embrace. Given that Mike and Vanessa are also at a new point in their lives with their biological kids out of the house, they may need to look at new ways to challenge them. That’s something that could play out over a good period of time.

Ultimately, we at least want to see Mike and Vanessa trying out some new ventures — variety is the spice of life, and if nothing else, Tim Allen has long done a good job at playing fish-out-of-water characters trying to find a way to adapt.

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