Chicago PD season 7 episode 10: For Upton, Halstead, timing’s everything

Jay HalsteadChicago PD season 7 episode 10 aired on NBC tonight after a long hiatus and with that, we had a chance to see some exciting stuff … and also some tearful moments.

So did Jay Halstead survive what happened in the fall finale? We were optimistic, but also understood that there were no guarantees. He went through a lot because of his decisions regarding Marcus West, and now he gets to make the most of whatever lies ahead for him in his life … and that could include a deeper relationship with Upton.

Or, at the very least we saw some things building towards the two within this episode. A conversation between Rojas and Hailey may have caused the latter to think more about her feelings for Jay, and this is also one of those times in which you start to think a little bit more about telling someone how you really feel. Obviously, this is a dangerous job and anything can happen at any moment. That’s why, near the end of the episode, Upton seemed ready to tell Jay something that was on her mind.

Yet, right before she could really broach the subject, there was an interruption in the form of a phone call. This one little moment was enough to make Upton distracted, and cause her to think that now was not the right time to have this conversation. After all, there could be chances later … and the mood just suddenly shifted.

In life sometimes, timing is everything. It’s all about finding that right moment between the cracks and understanding a little bit more that you want to say things the right way. We do think that Upton will get there, or that Halstead could be the one to eventually confess to having feelings. It may just take a little bit of time, mostly since finding that perfect moment is not something that comes altogether easy. The fact that it is clearly something on Upton’s mind is at least something that will have to sustain us for at least the time being.

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