Chicago Med interview: EPs on Will Halstead’s pain, big Ethan – April news

Tonight’s Chicago Med season 5 premiere did a great job of tying together a few loose ends from the fall finale, but it’s fair to say that it also set the stage for some big stuff coming up down the line. Take, for example, what’s happening with Will Halstead after losing a patient: A mother who he was desperate to save from an addiction she blamed him for. Meanwhile, April and Ethan are engaged and while there is joy there, you also need to have concerns.

To break down the big reveals of the winter premiere further, why not hear from the people who know these episodes better than anyone? Check out the latest courtesy of Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider in our interview below!

CarterMatt – After what we saw tonight, where is the story going to go for Will moving forward?

Andrew Schneider – One of the things that we wanted to do was take Will on his own journey away from Natalie. The experience of losing this patient, this drug addict, takes him on this journey where he looks at how he treats people and how he can help drug addicts. It takes him in a new direction that isn’t tied to Natalie.

Diane Frolov – When something happens to a character in the world of medicine, we like to look at how that matters in their personal lives. Does that send them in any new direction? Are they changed by it? We’ll be looking at how these experiences change many of our characters.

With what you’re describing in mind, would you say that self-reflection is a big theme for Will’s story coming up?

Frolov – It’s a big part.

Schneider – He’s also going to broaden his practice to take care of drug addicts.

We have a moment with Ethan and April in this episode, and on one level it’s great — you have this proposal, and April accepts after making sure Ethan is okay with what is happening with her medically. Yet, she doesn’t tell him about the kiss with Dr. Marcel! Is that still going to be an issue for her?

Schneider – She’s going to try and put it aside, but it keeps creeping back to her.

Frolov – She’s going to make a big effort to put it aside.

So where is Ethan going to be in all of this? Is he just going to be happy he’s engaged and blissfully unaware?

Schneider – He feels very good about the engagement. He’s reconciled the feelings and the conflict that he had with April before the winter break, and he’s ready for their life together.

Jessy Schram is coming on board the show coming up as Dr. Hannah Asher, and we don’t know too much about this character just yet. Is there anything that you can say about her?

Schneider – She comes in during episode 12 and she’s in a lot of episodes the rest of the season.

Frolov – She’s introduced as a part of Will’s world. She is a part of his journey. I won’t give away a lot of how we meet her, but it’s tied in.

It doesn’t sound like Med is involved in the Fire – PD crossover event coming up later this season, but will there still be chances to see characters from those shows here and there?

Frolov – Oh yea, a lot of that.

Schneider – Crockett and Natalie go out in the field after a bus crash. You’ll see a lot of Fire there. They’re always coming in and out.

Do you two have an idea as to where this season is going entering the finale?

Frolov – We do.

Is this something that I should be nervous about?

Schneider (laughs) – You should always be nervous about developments on our show.

I know Med hasn’t been renewed yet and hopefully, there will be good news before too long. But, as you’re coming up with ideas, how much are you planning ahead to future seasons while also working on what’s right in front of you?

Frolov – We always are looking ahead. As we wrap up this season, we’ll be thinking about how things are going to play out next. We’re always doing that.

Where do you think events will go moving forward on Chicago Med?

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