Power season 6 episode 11: Boss on ‘is Ghost dead?’ questions

Power season 5 episode 6On tonight’s new episode of Power, the Starz series seemingly answered the question that so many out there wanted to know: Is Ghost dead? There’s been questions aplenty about that very thing, but it seems as though we have an answer … though there’s controversy about it already.

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During “Still DRE,” a news report came on (overheard by Dre) noting that James St. Patrick is dead. That’s enough to seemingly confirm that the character is gone, right? Right?! Well, the truth here could perhaps be a little bit more complicated, largely due to the fact that we didn’t see the body ourselves. Also, hasn’t the news media misreported someone’s death before? Could a fake body have been planted, or could Ghost be off getting treatment and helping law enforcement find who is responsible? There are a lot of different theories worth wondering at the moment.

So what does executive producer Courtney A. Kemp have to say on the subject of Ghost’s apparent death? Here is some of what she had to say to Entertainment Weekly:

I think it’s self-explanatory and I’ll just say that. I don’t want to give you anymore than that.

We think it’s self-explanatory indeed that the news reported that Ghost is dead. That is fact, but it’s not a fact that he actually is if you want to get super-crazy about it. We still do think that there is some room for interpretation here, but we’ll have to watch the rest of the season play out to know.

Finally, we’ll say this — do you think that Kemp would really reveal a shocking twist about Ghost in an interview, if there is one to give away at all?

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