Blue Bloods season 10 episode 11 review: Jamie, Eddie, & the value of money

Blue Bloods season 10

Tonight, Blue Bloods season 10 episode 11 returned from its midseason hiatus, and brought with it another dose of powerful stories.

Also, it brought a debate between Jamie and Eddie on the subject of money that got a little bit heated. Jamie was trying to figure out how to pay off all of his student-loan debt, and Eddie realized soon after that she had a solution: $100,000 that she had stored away in an account. Yet, this money came courtesy of her father, and this was problematic given all of his various misdeeds. Was this money clean … or even close to clean? Doesn’t feel like it. She tried to get to the bottom of the mystery and there weren’t a whole lot of clear answers. Then, she and Jamie got into it after it felt like he was being judgmental over where some of the money came from.

In the end, Jamie decided to take Eddie up on her offer, but with one caveat — taking half of the money and using it to help others, especially people who were being swindled by folks like Eddie’s dad.

As for some other corners of the episode, Erin’s case was particularly fascinating given the degree of difficulty of her case — after all, she was trying to find justice after a judge didn’t agree with her on a plea. We just wish that there was a little bit more of this story, since it sort of faded out as we got closer to the end of the episode.

Meanwhile, Danny found himself trying to get to the bottom of some ambulance robberies with the help of Baez — and Jamie even did his part to chip in at the end of it! Frank found himself facing a different challenge with the Mayor over his new policy on the homeless community. There was tension there, but it wasn’t just about policy. Instead, it was instead around the Mayor’s willingness to utilize loopholes. He just wanted to do something for the sake of doing something without much of a plan. Mayor Chase was just shifting around homeless people for the sake of fulfilling a campaign promise.

Here’s the good news — Frank and the Mayor may actually find a way to work together. There’s a chance that Frank may be able to get through to him, and that’s not something that he’s gotten other Mayors to buy into.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode of Blue Bloods was a winner just because of the manner of storytelling. We especially loved that scenes between Frank and the Mayor and the political shrewdness of it all. There were some surprise turns, and we also got to see Jamie and Eddie preparing to do some good for others.

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