Blue Bloods season 10 episode 11 sneak peek: Jamie, Eddie talk money

Blue Bloods season 10

What’s coming up on Blue Bloods season 10 episode 11? Well, Jamie’s got a new plan, but we’re not sure it’s one that Eddie is 100% on board with.

In the sneak peek, you can get a good sense of some of what we’re talking about here! Jamie is looking for more ways to make money, and one of the solutions that he’s come up with is simply this: Taking on more work, and reducing his ten-year plan to pay off his student loans to a five-year plan. As for why Jamie has so much debt in the first place, it involves him going to law school for years … even if he’s not actually using the education now.

It’s that latter fact that is one of the reasons why Jamie seems to be resistant to the idea of Eddie helping him out — especially when it comes to using some of her father’s money to do so. Given that he’s currently in prison for siphoning money off of a lot of people, there are questions about where that money comes from. Eddie just wants to assist him in general since they’re married and starting a future together — also, she wants to be able to see him at some point rather than him working every single second of the day while she’s asleep. (Remember that their current work arrangement has been a challenge in itself.)

While Jamie doesn’t seem to be on board with any of Eddie’s suggestions right now, the simple thing to remember is that this is Blue Bloods. This is a show that often revolves around finding compromises in situations where it doesn’t feel like they are possible. One way or another, we’re sure that the two will find some sort of way to sort this out.

How do you think Jamie and Eddie are going to resolve this student-loan crisis?

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