Manifest season 2 sneak peek: Michaela’s haunting vision

ManifestMonday, January 6 is not that far away now, and as a viewer of Manifest, that’s absolutely a good thing. We don’t know if we would be able to wait all that much longer for it! It’s been almost a year, but we’re inching ever closer to being able to get to the bottom of some of the show’s great mysteries.

For a little more on what could be coming up, we turn to what is the latest video sneak preview below. What’s so fascinating about this one is that it raises a lot of different questions, but doesn’t really choose to answer any of them. Instead, it’s almost as though the show is taking delight in making you sit around and wait for answers.

Take, for example, this — what in the world is Zeke doing on the flight? It’s weird to see him there, in addition of course to seeing Michaela do what she can to reach out, in hopes that Zeke will grab onto her. This is when Michaela, of course, wakes up from what is some sort of dream. Its larger purpose remains unclear, but we’ll contend that if we were her, we’d have an almost impossible time ever being able to sleep with all of these different thoughts and crazy visions popping into our head left and right.

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Entering season 2, the big question remains whether or not Zeke is going to even survive. He was at the center of the super-crazy cliffhanger at the end of this past season alongside Jared, and we’d like to see him make it through — then again, if he doesn’t it will suggest that there is a certain degree of fluidity to the concept of death days. The mystery of flight 828 is going to continue to play out, but then you add to this other elements including seeing what comes next for Ben in his personal life.

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