‘Jersey Shore’ season 6: Has Hurricane Sandy made it awkward?

There was something rather awkward about watching Thursday night’s new “Jersey Shore” episode, knowing in the back of your head that the majority of the places that Snooki, The Situation, JWoww, and the rest of the gang were visiting are now pretty devastated by what happened with Hurricane Sandy. While you could say that watching it was in some ways a celebration of the fun, crazy life of some of these people, at the same time the storm really put most of these people’s insignificant problems on a bender.

At least the episode itself did have some pretty redeemable moments, including Vinny and Pauly D switching out photos of Deena and her boyfriend Chris with “romantic” photos of themselves. The pranks of these two are in many ways keeping this show afloat, mostly because they are aware that people are watching this show to be entertained more so than just seeing someone walk around the boardwalk or make dinner with their fiance. (Sorry, Snooki; we’re just not that into you this season.)

Deena’s storyline is clearly the saddest this season, mostly because for whatever reason she is spiraling without having the people around her who are into what she is anymore. JWoww and Roger are fighting, Snooki’s off being pregnant, and unlike Sammi, her boyfriend isn’t living with her. Therefore, we’re just watching her go on lengthy benders without much of a care in the world, even after she was just arrested for being a crazy person on the street. The end of the episode made it appear as though her mother could be coming to get her, and if this happens it would be the third summer in a row where someone self-destructs to the point on leaving the house … even if they will probably come back later.

As for that storyline involving Mike and Paula … let’s just say that The Situation is not ready to situated himself just by settling down anyone.

What did you think about this episode, and is watching this show a little strange for you now?

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