‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Kate Hudson returns, Brody gets shirtless in ‘Glease’

As if you did not get enough of Brody already during the season 4 premiere of “Glee,” there is going to be plenty more of a shirtless Dean Geyer during the November 15 episode entitled “Glease.” Even if this episode is by and large all about the McKinley High production of “Grease” that is being directed by Finn, there are a few other things that we are going to see straight from the Big Apple.

Of course, the sight of shirtless Brody is one of them, but there are some other questions that are worth asking here. Why do he and Cassandra July have the bizarre relationship that they do, and will Kate Hudson’s character ever start being nicer to our hero Rachel Berry? The answer here to us is probably “no,” though she also does not seem to be acting the way that she is strictly from a viewpoint of just trying to be as awful of a human being as possible.

This photo clearly shows that there will be a production of “Greased Lightning” during the musical, but this should be no surprise at all given that this is one of the most famous musical numbers from the show as a whole. The one thing that does surprise us here is how prominent of a role Blake Jenner’s new character of Ryder is seemingly playing here, especially since we thought he would be eased into the world of McKinley High a little bit more than he actually was. (At the same time, another former “Glee Project” winner in Samuel Larsen is also present here, albeit not nearly as prominently.)

What do you think about these photos, and does it also warm your heart to know that Will Schuester will be coming back from Washington DC to see a performance of the musical?

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