His Dark Materials episode 8 (finale) promo: Danger all around

His Dark MaterialsCome Sunday on the BBC or Monday in America, His Dark Materials episode 8 is going to arrive. What do we know about it right now? Well, for starters, it’s the grand finale! This is where all of the drama rises to the surface and you have legitimate reasons to fear over everything.

Based on the promo below, it also feels rather fair to say that the stakes have never been more epic. Just think about what some of these characters are going to contend with! Lyra has completed her quest to see Asriel, but is everything quite as she thinks? It is this victory for her, but remember that there has also been a betrayal foretold. There are moments coming that book fans have been eagerly anticipated … and we’re very much curious to see how some of them unfold here.

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One of the things that we’re most curious about through the lens of the show is simply this: How big of a cliffhanger do you want to leave everyone on? How much chaos do you want there to be? What we love about the show is that it has shown some willingness to be its own thing and not just follow every single beat — sure, sometimes that decision can come back to bite it, but we appreciate the gumption and the attempt to try and do something a little bit different. There are a lot of other shows out there that would’ve taken a more tentative approach. (We mean this especially when it comes to the Will Parry storyline.)

With all of the CGI, the effects, and the scale of all of this, we gotta imagine that His Dark Materials saved up a lot of its budget for this episode … and we’re certainly excited for the grand payoff!

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