NCIS season 17 spoilers: Bosses on Tony, Ziva episode 10 reveal

Cote de PabloThe bad news at the moment with NCIS season 17 is this — we still haven’t seen a reunion between Tony and Ziva. However, the good news is this: We do at least know that the two parties have spoken!

On last night’s episode “The North Pole,” it was revealed that Tony and Ziva have communicated in the past since her “death,” meaning that Tony has known the truth for some time and has never revealed it. It was a surprise on some level, but then also not when you think about it. Given that there was no body following Ziva’s death, it made sense that he would look for her. Also, it makes sense that she would want to find a way to tell him given the feelings that she has for him. This isn’t the sort of thing that you can just ignore when it comes to someone you care about.

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So why did the writers decide to reveal that Tony and Ziva have spoken in the episode? Speaking via TVInsider, executive producer Steven D. Binder made it clear that it just felt right to the story — and it also still opens the door for a reunion to play out between the two moving forward:

We were playing a game of Operation with this. On the one hand, we wanted to see a reunion and we think the audience wants to see a reunion and if there has been a full-throated reunion in the past, that’s a disservice to the storytelling on some level. On the other hand, when you’re a co-parent, letting your co-parent believe you’re dead is a pretty rough pill to swallow.

We had split the difference and thought, “What would really happen?” She really believes her life is in jeopardy, she really believes she needs to stay undercover, so she doesn’t tell anybody. But if Adam Eshel’s going to know, Tony’s going to know. Just because he knows doesn’t mean they’ve been vacationing in the Caymans and hanging out and having a good ol’ time. Just because he knows she’s alive doesn’t mean there’s been a relationship there, which still gives us space to do a reunion.

Ultimately, we’re still crossing our fingers and hoping there is one on the January 7 episode “In the Wind,” the first for the series in 2020. It’s also the last episode for Cote de Pablo as a guest star out of the ones confirmed. There’s always hope for more, but without assurances of the future, you have to embrace trying to wrap up the story as best you can in the present.

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