‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 spoilers: Do we now have our Steelshanks?

Being that “Game of Thrones” season 3 is so deep into filming its third season at the moment, it is not particularly common for us to have really have anything to share when it comes to casting news. However, we do finally seem to know the man behind a role that we have at least talked about on the site in the past: Steelshanks.

So who will be playing the part? According to Winter Is Coming (who used agency pages as their own sort of reference), Scottish actor Jamie Michie has won the part of the famed armsman from the George R.R. Martin series. It’s unclear at the moment how large of a role he will have on the series, though we expect him to at least be a part of a good many scenes.

Ironically, Michie is not the only actor with connections to the British show “Skins” who is on the show, as Joe Dempsie has a pretty critical part to the story in Gendry. Then again, it should not as too great of a surprise that many of these actors know each other given that so many castings have had connections to either various parts of Great Britain, especially in and around where the bulk of the series shoots in Belfast.

The show will return to TV on March 31 of next year, and is once again slated to run for what will hopefully be an action-packed ten episodes. The only unfortunate thing is that the short episode count means that actors like Dempsie will have limited roles; however, the positive here is that he will be part of a deeper storyline that is rich, and never just superfluous our there just to fill up space.

What do you think about this casting?

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