The Blacklist season 7 fall finale: EP on Liz, Katarina, and trust

The BlacklistFollowing tonight’s The Blacklist season 7 fall finale, we’re left to wonder questions aplenty. Take, for example, whether Liz Keen can really trust Katarina Rostova.

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For the time being, it does feel as though there is at least some trust there between Liz and her mother. After all, the former just helped the latter escape, and she is now in a position where she can get information from her about Raymond Reddington (at least whenever she re-enters the picture). Yet, at the same time, we wouldn’t misinterpret Liz and Katarina growing closer as her trusting her mom. Liz certainly doesn’t trust Reddington every second of the day, and they have a close bond now … though it’s certainly being shaken by recent events. Take, for example, Reddington not telling Liz the truth about him not being Ilya.

For more on the dynamic between these characters coming up, check out more of what executive producer John Eisendrath has to say via TVLine:

She’s not 100 percent confident that she can trust Katarina. At this point, she thinks Katarina may offer her a greater chance of finding out the truth that it seems Red won’t share with her. But she certainly is not fully trusting of Katarina at this point, so as the season goes on, there will be choices that she’ll have to make — whether to stay aligned with her mother, whether to be more sympathetic toward Red’s point of view. And when [Liz and Katarina] are together, hopefully we will be able to deepen the relationship and let them live in the truth of who they are. We’ll be able to build up to a great season finale with Liz deeply connected to Katarina as Katarina and Red have a big confrontation at the end of the year.

We do still have questions about how long Liz is going to be able to keep the truth about her mother a secret — it’s rather hard not to, all things considered! There’s also the question of whether or not Reddington will find out the news via another source altogether…

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