Survivor: Island of the Idols finale preview: Life after Dan

Survivor: Island of the IdolsNext week on Survivor: Island of the Idolsthe big finale is going to be here. There are five players still in contention and, in the end, only one will take the title home.

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So who is left? Let’s start with Dean, who is one of the most bizarre players in quite some time. He’s trying to play well, but is he really playing smart? He’s putting all of this stock in having an immunity idol nullifier (via Island of the Idols) and then also a legacy advantage that is not actually real. This could set the stage for a hilarious moment next week.

As for possible favorites, though, you have to look at people like Tommy and Lauren. They are both enormous threats and strong physical/strategic players. We do think that Janet is also a big threat, especially with the immunity idol that she’s got in her pocket. That could be nullified, so we don’t think she can bank on it 100%, though. Noura is a total wild card.

Then, there’s this: The shocking removal of Dan from the game. It was the right move but the wrong timing, as it should have come early. It comes after another report of an incident, one that happened off-camera involving someone who was not a cast member. It’s not clear how much the cast will know about this; they may just be left to instead play the game as best they can. This is something that is discussed a little bit further within the video, as it is clear that Survivor should and could be doing more. The finale should be used as a springboard for them to be able to bring about change and create a better environment for everyone, cast and crew alike.

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