Vikings season 6 episode 6 preview: Ghosts, betrayal and an election

Alex Høgh AndersenEveryone seems to be haunted by ghosts on Vikings season 6, but no one more then Hvitserk and Ivar (which is kind of ironic since one of Hvitserk’s ghosts is Ivar!). What does this all mean going into episode 6? Let’s break down what we know.

We will start with Hvitserk who has been steadily drinking and eating mushrooms, to the point that he’s seeing the ghosts of his former love, the Seer and images of Ivar coming to seek revenge as different forms of monsters. With Ubbe finding out that Ivar is indeed alive (and they know where he is), Hvitserk’s nightmares may actually come true at some point soon.

Speaking of ghosts we need to talk about Freydis or at least the same actress playing a Russian princess that is set to marry Prince Oleg. Ivar doesn’t know what to think after seeing her since he was there when he killed Freydis – but here she is right in front of him… or at least a doppelganger. Ivar is so convinced that this is Freydis that he even has a conversation with her to find out if Prince Oleg has brought her there to mess with him. Seeing her has really changed everything for Ivar at the moment, where before he was starting to execute his plan to over-throw Oleg and now his focus has shifted. This has been a really interesting game of cat and mouse between these two, but with the Freydis’ twin in the mix Ivar may not be able to move forward when he really needs to get out of there as quickly as possible. We know that Oleg suspects Ivar was involved in releasing his brother, so we are excited to jump into episode 6 and find out exactly what Oleg plans to do about it.

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Then we are also in the middle of the big vote for the king of Norway. At the moment, Bjorn is in the lead, but we are still convinced that this is some sort of a trap for Bjorn. Originally Harald was a prisoner of Olaf’s, but now he’s put back in his robes and is part of this election for the king of Norway – something that he’s always wanted for himself, but for some reason put his vote forward for Bjorn!? If we weren’t convinced that Bjorn was walking into a trap before, we are certainly convinced of it now and we are going to see more of this play out next week.

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