Lucifer season 5 spoilers: Another ladies’ night out ahead!

LuciferTo date, getting news on Lucifer season 5 is tricky, and for a wide array of different reasons. For starters, it’s not premiering on Netflix until 2020, so they don’t want to reveal anything too early when it comes to the future of the series. From there, there are also some other question marks regarding what’s going to be happening to Lucifer Morningstar. While it’s pretty easy to figure out that Lucifer is going to find his way out of Hell, at the same time there’s no point in giving anything away. It’d be foolish to do that and ruin whatever twist the writers have up their sleeve at the moment.

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Well, we are lucky to have at least one small teaser now for the upcoming season, this time in the form of a new photo! This one (see below) comes courtesy of the folks over at TVLine (via Aimee Garcia), and this revolves around Chloe, Maze, Linda, and also Ella embarking on yet another ladies’ night! This is the third time that the show has brought us something like this, and the idea here may be to give this storyline one last hurrah — after all, wasn’t this fun the first two times that we saw it?

As for what is happening here, maybe the four women are working undercover — though Linda isn’t exactly a cop and, technically, neither are Maze and Ella. It may just be a party celebrating something that goes very much out of hand.

No matter what happens here, our general consensus is still the same — this is going to be very much a fun batch of episodes, even though there’s going to be some darkness mixed in here at some point.

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What do you want to see on Lucifer season 5?

Also, how do you think this edition of ladies’ night out is going to be different from the ones we’ve seen already? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and also stick around to get some other news when it comes to the series. (Photo: Netflix.)


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