Vikings season 6 episode 4 preview: Bjorn to the rescue!

Vikings season 6 bjornWhen we first heard that Harald was asking Bjorn for help on Vikings season 6 we really didn’t know if this was a trap or if Olaf had actually taken over Harald’s kingdom. As it turns out Harald has been taken prisoner by Olaf, and is locked away in a dungeon, so Bjorn deciding to come and rescue him is not just a sneaky way for Harald to dethrone Bjorn (you never know where things are going to land with Harald).

We saw Bjorn and his vikings make their journey to help Harald, but Olaf knew of their arrival (he did seemingly set all of this up to draw out Bjorn) and lead them into a fiery trap. Bjorn lost a lot of warriors and has retreated, but what will his next move be? Is this a lost cause or will Bjorn find another way to break Harald free and take down Olaf? Vikings episode 4 will be playing some of that out for us – Bjorn is not the type to have one defeat and turn tail and run. We suspect that Bjorn will strategize and find another way, and we are curious to see what his plan will be.

We also have a pretty horrifying storyline playing out for Lagertha and they women who are farming at nearby towns. The man that Bjorn branded and set free has found, killed and pillaged these women and with another attack on the horizon Lagertha has gone back on her promise to herself never to fight again. She has Torvi and Bjorn’s children to protect as well as her neighbors, so she has un-buried her sword and is ready to defend her simple way of life. We have long known from the Seer that Lagertha is going to die by the hand of one of Ragnar’s sons and while many have thought that it would probably be Ivar that would be her undoing, we’ve long wondered if it would be Bjorn by accident (we don’t believe he is Rollo’s son) – and now this story is leading us in that possible direction. Because of Bjorn’s actions, this man has found his mother and we are gearing up for a fight. Lagertha may not want to fight anymore, but when it comes to her grandchildren we suspect that the shield-maiden and Queen we’ve all come to love will rise once again.

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With Prince Oleg taking care of his brother in a rather horrific and humiliating way, we’ve seen a bit of a change in Ivar. While there still seems to be a part of him that is ruthless and is looking for revenge on his brothers, some of what he is seeing with Oleg is giving him an outside perspective on what he was like when he had power. There are moments we see Ivar having some real self reflection and we are looking forward to seeing more of that in episode 4. We expected after the betrayal of his wife and the loss of his position of king that he would be angrier then ever, but his travels and experiences with Oleg have given him pause in a way we didn’t expect.

What did you think of the Vikings season 6 episode 3 and what are you most excited to see coming up on episode 4? Do you think Bjorn is going to leave king Harald or be successful in rescuing him? Leave us your thoughts in the comment box below. (Photo: History)

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